How to Attract a Girl with "Touch Seduction"

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There is absolutely no way in the world that a woman is going to sleep with you without first establishing a reasonable level of non-creepy physical contact, i.e. subtle "touch seduction."

If your goal is to pick up women, don't consider even kissing her without establishing some basic and casual level of touching first.

We all know that it's not too far from wrapping your arm around her waist and having her hand on your chest to playing tonsil-hockey, but the trick for most men is how to touch a woman in the first place so that she doesn't feel all weirded out or threatened and actually wants to reciprocate!

Here are two simple tips for building rapport with women and how to touch a woman:

1. Physical contact with women is considered by many guys as a no-no on first meeting an attractive single woman. After all, if she's hot she's probably being hit on 50 times a day, right? You don't want to put yourself in the same basket as all the other sleazy losers, do you?

Here's the thing, though: touching a woman in a confident and casual way is a sure-fire demonstration of alpha male body language... but only if done the right way. And the right way is NOT to be sleazy!

Get the conversation going and then soon after - not as soon as you meet her - casually touch the outside of her arm while commenting on something. It's not intimate enough to cause alarm and it's not all Alligator-skin Suit Dude either.

It simply communicates that you are a confident adult male, capable of interacting with single women in a normal red-blooded way. This is what women want!

2. There are dozens of flirting signs, but a good one is when she touches you back in the same "casual" way. It's then up to you to maintain the back and forth as the conversation progresses. Think of it as "how to touch women ping-pong"!

Some guys go too far or move too quickly here and start doing palm-reading routines and things like that. Personally, I'd stay away from that kind of thing because it's then obvious in a "Shall I announce it with a megaphone?" way that you are trying to pick her up.

Instead, subtle touches are all that's needed along with interesting and charming conversation (that's another skill altogether!) for the first little while. If she gets up to leave and needs to get past you, make like you're moving, but don't move quite far enough. That way, she'll have to brush past you. If she goes out of her way not to touch you, she's gone off you. If she has no hesitation in touching you as she walks past, you've probably built a suitable rapport with her - enough for her not to feel weird about touching you, and possibly where she's attracted to you.

Another one: If she asks where something is, lean in and physically point her in the direction. Not overbearingly; just subtly, with a hand on the shoulder or something else that's not too obtrusive. Believe me, she'll notice! So you don't need to do anything beyond subtle here.

And that's it!

Try those two body language attraction tips and watch the results. You don't need to push things too hard, but standing back and "respecting her personal space" when you're clearly interested is plain and simple a turn-off to women. When you do that, you just look like a pussy.

What women look for in men is simple: a man who's not afraid to be a man. That doesn't mean trying to club her over the head and drag her back to your cave. It just means showing your intentions in a non-intrusive way which also demonstrates you're a man.

For a lot more tips on how to attract women, check out this terrific guide to what women find attractive: men (regardless of status or wealth or any of that other nonsense). Written by a woman. You'll be glad you did.

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