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When you're trying to figure out the best ways for how to be seductive to men, often the more subtle things will be most effective for how to seduce him. While most men are visually stimulated and love the idea of their special lady dancing around the room in sexy lingerie, what happens if you haven't gotten past the eye contact stage yet?

Seducing a man can go a lot deeper than a quick physical encounter if you play your cards right. You can learn how to seduce him in ways that will leave him coming back to you for more and they have nothing to do with physical temptations.

Eye Contact

The right 'look' from a woman can drive a man wild. Every female has the ability to turn on a steamy 'come hither' look when the man of her desires is before her. However, you can also give other signals with your eyes.

Try catching his eye and then holding the eye contact for longer than a normal gaze. Holding eye contact is a sign that you're interested in him. To show your submission to his advances, try dropping your gaze downwards after your eye contact. This doesn't mean slave-like submission. It means you're accepting an advance from him.

Biologically, women have a larger amount of white around the pupils than men do. Widen your eyes so you show more of the whites and you give him a signal that you're displaying your femininity to him. Lower your head so you're looking at him from beneath your eyelids. This displays a large amount of white beneath the iris and gives him a signal that you're openly flirting.

Match this last suggestion with a sexy smile and he'll be falling over himself to come over and introduce himself to you!

Body Language

Learning how to attract a man or how to seduce him is made much easier with simple body language signals that he can pick up. Even though he might not notice them on a conscious level, sub-consciously he will be very aware that he's attracted to you and doesn't quite know why!

Be subtle about wetting your lips with the tip of your tongue. This doesn't mean making a big Hollywood-display of running your tongue around your mouth. It means be subtle and his eyes will be drawn to your mouth. Once he looks, give a little sexy smile to signal that you've noticed his look.

You could also try playing with your hair, or moving it around a little so you expose a little of the soft skin along your neck. This is an overtly erogenous zone, so exposing it a little is enough to give a strong signal to attract guys.

Another body language secret for how to seduce him is to wait until he says something funny or clever and then ever so casually touch him on the arm as you laugh or agree. If he's truly attracted to you, he'll feel your touch and realize that you've given a strong seduction signal that he's open to return the touch.

When you're learning how to be more seductive and thinking of ways how to seduce him, the most effective signals you can send are the subtle ones. They'll have him wondering how you got him hooked on you so quickly and you'll have attracted the man you wanted!

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